Farsi Classes of Aarhus Khaneghah launched its activities in 1996 by the order of Grand Hazrat Pir.
Teaching Methodology of Classes
In pre-elmentary classes, the young learners become familar with the correct pronounciation of words and names of colors in Farsi and learn to name its surrounding envirnoment in his/her mother tongue as well. Besides,some exercises are used in these classes  to increase the IQ of the young learners.
Recognition and familiarity of the children with Farsi alphabet, wovels and consonants  and the combination to make words and sentences improves in the First Grade and the young learner gets acquinted with the ABC of Farsi Grammar.
From the Second Grade onward, the recognition and familiarity of the learners with Farsi grammar, daily conversations, geography, history, culture and civilization  increase.
In the First Grade, the teaching methology for the Danish students is generally similar to their Iranian counterparts with the only difference that  daily conversations  are used more.


An excerpt of the current and previous activities:

Play: Topics, Texts, various cultural Iranian customs and traditions such as Norouz Festival and historic and gnostic stories from the rich resources of Iranian literature and culture would be chosen and a state of happiness and euphoria would be transmitted to the students. Besides, Iranian and local dance, local songs and a selection of poems from MTO books would be read or played. Norouz Festival, Children’s day, end-of-the-academic year celebration and final mark-announcing of the students’ would be celebrated with the play of the above mentioned activities