The MTO Persian School in Dusseldorf has begun its activity in 1994. Today many children, whose mother tongue is Persian, participate in 1-5 grades. We also offer one class for participants whose mother-tongue is not Persian.

As students of the MTO® Persian School we are glad to have the opportunity to learn this beautiful language which enables us to fluently speak Persian with our family and Persian friends.
Studying the Persian phrases and words as well as the construction of sentences, we get to know how wonderful and easily one can express feelings such as love and affection

Our Goal

By learning their mother-tongue, the children get to know the culture and traditions of their homeland.

Term Dates & Fees

The Persian lesson takes place:
10 – 12 am: students whose mother tongue is not Persian
1.30 – 3 pm: students whose mother tongue is Persian
Charges: 50 Euro per trimester (3 months)


Registration by mail:

You can print and send in a registration form by post or by fax.

Please send your mail to:

MTO Schule Düsseldorf
40591 Düsseldorf

Or fax us:

+49 0211/7302664

Please click here to download the registration form.


MTO Persian School Celebration Video

There was a huge excitement on Sunday 17th April 2011, in the auditorium of the University of Düsseldorf. As the beginning of the show approached, the students met the final preparations and the guests were eagerly waiting to enter the hall.

About 3 pm the program began with the Persian national anthem. The performance of the “Tehrani-dance” by the children especially drew the attention of the audience. Then a singing of spring followed, which depicted the image of spring with all its beauties, the awakening of nature. The program continues with “The apricot kernel” play performed by students of year one. The play illustrated a beautiful story of patience, growth and prosperity.

This exquisite event continued with the entrance of students in their folk dance costumes from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. The energy and excitement of the dance brought such joy to the audience that the hall seemed to be dancing along. The instrumental music group enraptured the audience immensely with their performance. The most captivating part of the festival was the harmonious performance of traditional Persian dance. Towards the end of the event, students were awarded with gifts and certificates followed by a peaceful Zekr (Sufi chanting) performance.

The very last performance of the night was the joyful and vibrant Bandari dance. This fun and exciting night was completed with a buffet of Persian delicacies and refreshments leaving the guests and participants with great memories. Guests, young and old enjoyed their time with a festival full of fun and excitement and so this evening came to an end at 10 pm.


For more information please contact:
phone: 0049-211/7302664


The M.T.O. School in Düsseldorf is located at Harffstr.29, 40931 Düsseldorf.