Welcome to the Vancouver Farsi School’s website

MTO Shahmaghsoudi Farsi school is an international school outside of Iran which plays a major role in the preservation and the promotion of the Farsi language.

Our weekly classes commence every Saturday and students are evaluated by a final exam at the end of each term.

Farsi (including writing and reading), Mathematics, calligraphy, and sciences are few subjects that are taught in classes.

The Vancouver Farsi school opened its doors in 1991.

Courses are offered from grade one to grade five as well as adult education for
non speaking Farsi individuals.
Students are exposed not only to basic Farsi language but are also taught about the rich culture and history of our beloved nation.

Term Dates

Class Schedule:
Farsi classes are in session every Saturday morning from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm for grade one to five, and from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm for adults and non speaking Farsi individuals.

Tuition Fee

One Month        One Term        One Year

One student            $30                $90                $270

More than one student        $50                $150            $450


The school is located on third street Lonsdale Avenue in the city of North Vancouver

235 St. Georges Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7L 4T4
(604) 985-6863


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Finally, at the end of each year school organizes a gathering in a park like setting for both the students and their parents. The gathering includes food and drinks and many fun activities for everyone.

Past events:
Students demonstrate their talents by participating in different cultural and artistic activities, such as a year-end celebration, Children’s Day, and the Persian New Year. All these activities are combined with singing, dancing, and drama.


Contact Us:
To register or for more information please call us at: (604) 985-6863 or send an email to:
235 St. Georges Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7L 4T4
(604) 985-6863